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7 places to set up an international business

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There are a number of factors to consider when deciding which country to set up your international business. 

While some countries may offer lower taxes or less stringent regulation, others may provide greater access to key markets or a more favourable business climate. 

Ultimately, the best choice for your business will depend on your specific needs and goals. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top countries for setting up an international business, based on a range of criteria. 

Whether you’re looking for low taxes, easy market access or a favourable business environment, you’re sure to find a good option on this list.

Why set up a business in the United Kingdom?

Establishing a business in the United Kingdom offers a number of advantages that make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs from around the world. The UK is ranked as one of the top countries for ease of doing business and is home to major financial hubs such as London, Edinburgh, and Manchester with access to highly qualified talent. 

Companies in the UK benefit from strong legal protection through regulations such as data privacy law, ensuring their investments are secure. 

In addition to its impressive economic infrastructure, businesses located in the UK also benefit from several fiscal advantages such as generous tax incentives and a stable currency environment. 

From excellent transportation links to a diverse mix of cultures and languages, there are many reasons why businesses should consider setting up shop in the United Kingdom – it’s an ideal location for any company seeking growth or expansion into international markets.  The UK has all the right ingredients for success; all it takes is imagination and ambition.


Ireland is often considered one of Europe’s most attractive business destinations due to its strong economic performance, competitive tax rates and excellent infrastructure. Find out more here.

With a population of over 5 million people, Ireland boasts a vast consumer market and a young, highly educated workforce that provides abundant resources and talent for businesses of all sizes. 

The country also offers effective legal systems that protect the rights of both employers and employees. 

Additionally, generous incentives are available from the government to companies that establish operations in Ireland, such as grants for research and development activities or support for companies creating new job opportunities in the country. 

With extremely advantageous conditions for conducting commercial activities when compared to other countries within the European Union, Ireland stands out as an ideal option for setting up a business. 

Furthermore, due to its natural beauty and vibrant culture it has been featured in several films, making it a popular tourist destination around the world—another bonus for those investing in Ireland’s economy. 

As such, there are many advantages to setting up operations in this unique country which clearly positions itself as an excellent choice for doing business. By investing in Ireland, any company can be confident that they will benefit from its multitude of opportunities while contributing to its economic growth.

United States of America

The United States of America is an excellent choice for setting up a business. With one of the largest and most dynamic economies in the world, it has a modern infrastructure and offers tremendous potential for growth and success. 

It has strong government policies that promote entrepreneurship and provide favorable taxation rates, so businesses can have a great deal of flexibility in their operations. Furthermore, it provides easy access to global markets, allowing businesses to quickly expand into other countries. Moreover, the US has modern transportation networks which offer fast and efficient delivery services across the country. 

Additionally, there are excellent educational facilities available for workers, so businesses can hire skilled personnel with relative ease. All in all, these factors make it an attractive environment for starting and growing any type of business.  

With its many advantages and opportunities, setting up a business in the United States can be highly lucrative. With proper guidance and planning, entrepreneurs will enjoy lasting success while realizing their financial dreams in this bustling international hub.

Why set up a business in Canada

Canada provides a strong, stable environment that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of. The country has solid infrastructure which allows companies to connect with local and global markets alike, while its progressive business laws promote entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Furthermore, Canada is considered to be an ethnically diverse society with an educated workforce – a bonus for any company looking to draw on the best global talent. 

Establishments also benefit from the strong technological industry in Canada, giving them access to cutting-edge technology services and products. On top of this, Canada provides excellent financial incentives like low corporate tax rates and generous research & development funding grants.

Finally, businesses get peace of mind knowing that their products are protected by comprehensive Canadian patents and copyright laws. With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why setting up a business in Canada is an increasingly attractive proposition for entrepreneurs around the world.

Find out more about setting up business in Canada.

Why set up a business in Australia

Australia is an ideal place for entrepreneurs to start or expand their business endeavors. Companies can capitalize on the nation’s vibrant, sophisticated culture and healthy economy. 

There are countless opportunities to access markets, talent and capital that make setting up shop in Australia attractive for entrepreneurs. 

The country has a low rate of corporate income tax (27.5%) and an affordable minimum wage, which makes it easier to manage overhead costs while still offering competitive wages to employees. In addition, the government offers grants and incentives that provide valuable benefits to businesses looking to set up operations in the country. 

Furthermore, there is a large pool of highly qualified industry professionals, many of whom speak both English and Mandarin fluently, making them well-equipped to help your business reach international markets. 

Finally, the cost of living in cities like Melbourne and Sydney remains competitive compared with other major cities in the world. When it comes down to it, there are plenty of reasons why Australia is an appealing option for any entrepreneur looking for success on a global scale.

Why set up a business in New Zealand

When it comes to establishing a business, New Zealand offers numerous advantages. For one, the country has a stable and prosperous economy with ample financial resources available. 

It also has a robust infrastructure system, offering access to world-class transportation networks, communication technologies, and energy sources. Additionally, New Zealand maintains strong relationships with countries recognizing the importance of international trade. 

This fosters an environment that encourages foreign entrepreneurs to invest in the local economy without fear of being taken advantage of or unfairly taxed. 

Furthermore, New Zealand boasts a highly qualified and well-educated workforce full of motivated individuals ready to tackle whatever challenge lies ahead. Finally, there is the added benefit of living in such a beautiful country surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and unparalleled wildlife experiences. 

All these reasons make New Zealand an ideal destination for entrepreneurs looking to set up and expand their businesses abroad.  

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